Michael Henasey Photography

Canyonlands Sunrise

The sun rises over the La Sal Mountains and the Washer Woman Arch along the rim of the Islands in the Sky, Canyonlands National Park.

Away from the Crowds II

Away from the crowds of Mesa Arch. I first photographed this scene in 4:5 portrait, switched to landscape for this photo, then realized it was better suited for 3:2. Unfortunately the 3:2 is a slightly different composition. The light quickly changes and I hastily moved from one composition and position to the next.

Cottonwood Teepees

Desert flowers soak in the morning light with the Cottonwood Teepees standing watch above in the Paria Wilderness.

Lines of Fire

Wind and sand have carved these fantasic lines. There are beautiful and brittle.

Heart of the Canyon

This is Antelope Canyon, where you are quickly herded through, told what camera settings to use, and practically told what photos to take. Unless you have the freedom to walk through the slot canyon on your own, there are only a few very brief moments where you may get a chance to make a photograph yourself without being directed by the guides to do so.I was sitting on the floor, waiting for the next group to walk through, and I looked up and this is what I saw...

On the Way Down

We were on our way down after traversing the La Sal pass. The cresent moon was setting above Canyonlands National Park and then Henry Mountains.

59th Street Pier Mourning

Before dawn, 59th Street Pier, Ocean City, NJ

Birthday Sunrise

One fine morning, on her birthday, the lighthouse at Montauk Point, NY.

The Pool

Tall grasses curled and framed this small pool of water while the fading evening light reflected within it.

Pila Solis Ortus

Remenants of the 59th Street pier reflecting in the shallow waters just before day break.

Higbee Beach Sunset

A late fall sunset along Higbee Beach, Cape May, NJ

Corson's Sound

Clouds glow after the sun has set and reflect in the tidal marsh of Corson's Sound.

Lake Champlain Evening

Lake Champlain, Burlington, VT. Some time after sunset…

Strawberry Lake Winter Tree

A tree is veiled from a winter storm.

Surface Tension

Where lily meets water, surface tension resides.

Rannoch Moor

The Rannoch Moor of Scotland.

Slioch Upon Loch Maree

I found this lone but small Scottish pine clinging to the rocks and sitting above Loch Maree with Slioch looming in the background. A long exposure, over several minutes, gave the water and the clouds an ethereal feel. This is a re-process of the version of this photograph I had up here. I was never happy with the colors of the original version I posted.

The Lions

A storm began to roll in. The waves crashed onto the shores of Elgol. Right in front of me, two lions appeared and one looked rather cheerful as it smiled back at me. This is the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Milky Way

The center of our galaxy is cradled by a cloud, illuminated by light pollution from a nearby town.


Driftwood sits under the gaze of the sun as if petrified.

The Watchman

The Watchman of Zion National Park as seen along the sandy banks of the Virgin River.